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The Blessing

The Marriage Blessing is a worldwide tradition where couples dedicate, or re-dedicate, their marriage to a greater purpose and God.

In response to the breakdown of traditional marriage, the Marriage Blessing offers a path to build a world of stronger marriage and healthier families.

What singles and couples are saying...

Ilya & Diane Hack

Ryusei Taguchi

Ryan & Tiffany LaBrooy

Ilya & Diane Hack

“It’s centered on God. You are not just living for your own sake but you’re actually putting God in the center, and also trying to make a difference in the world as a couple or as a family…It’s not just a physical experience, it’s a life-changing experience.”

Ryusei Taguchi

“Part of the Blessing is becoming the Blessing. And then your spouse and your family and your friends have to be like “damn, this dude is a blessing in my life.”

Ryan & Tiffany LaBrooy

“It’s more than just us. It’s how we can connect to our parents. It’s how we connect to our children. So it’s a much bigger picture than just the two of us.”

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